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Dairy and Nut Free Cocoa Powder – found at last

Tesco’s once again comes up trumps with an allergen free cocoa powder.
I’d been buying cocoa powder in Marks and Spencer as it was the safest I’d found but it is still ‘made in a factory that uses milk’. Now Tesco will be the favoured supermarket (again) for cocoa powder… The only warning on the pack is that they cannot guarantee that the ingredients are nut free (although the recipe contains no nuts), but then again that applies to all products.

Update (Oct 2012): I haven’t been able to find this cocoa powder for a while. The only one available from Tesco’s own brand now seems to be the Everyday Value Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder. Bizarrely, this cocoa has no allergy advice on the container – nothing to suggest it does or does not possibly contain milk or nuts. I was a bit nervous to use it, and even phoned the manufacturers. They have confirmed that it is free from any allergen 🙂


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    1. Excellent! It’s so hard to find dairy-free cocoa. I’ve found another, less widely available but better quality one. I’ll let you know the name later…

  1. so glad I found this site I had been searching all day for dairy free cocoa and had no luck especially in marks and spencer which is also where I used to get mine so sent my friend to tesco and he came back with that so just wanted to be sure it was safe before carting my cousin away in an ambulance thank you so much 🙂

  2. Hi Lucy, Tesco have put a milk warning on their cocoa powder now! Do you know of any milk free nut free cocoa powders currently out there? *crosses fingers*! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! I’ll ask mum to pick some up. So that’s Asda for cocoa powder, Morrisons for fondant icing, Tesco for breadsticks, and Sainsburys for school cartons of soy milk 😅
        Happy new year to you too! 🥳 X

      2. Yep! I have Asda’s in the cupboard now thank you and Dr Oetker seems to be ok too 🙂

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