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The Bran Tub, Petersfield, Hampshire, UK

This lovely, cavernous health food shop has been a regular pilgrimage for us – a true well stocked treasure trove which is always buzzing with customers. I’ve found some real hard to find gems here, from soya condensed milk to real dairy-free choc ices. Definitely well worth a visit!


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  1. I too love finding nice whole food shops, they’re so lovely to browse around. H&B is useful but boring and I barely ever use it to be frank. Never heard of condensed soya milk! If I ever get to Petersfield I’ll have to seek The Bran Tub out 🙂

    1. I agree H&B rarely has what we need – it’s all protein powder in giant tube! There’s nothing better than a good browse in a health food shop 🙂

  2. I adore everything about the sound of this place — from the intentionally unappetizing sounding name (old school health food places in the US used to have that hairy “tub of bran” feeling and I miss it!) to the fact that they have condensed soy milk which I have NEVER seen, even in the soy paradise that is the Bay Area. Sorry dairy and nut-free choc ices are hard to find there. Here, many companies make lovely chocolate sorbets that get their creaminess from cocoa butter and contain basically just cocoa, cocoa butter, and water.

    1. Yep, it certainly is old school – it’s well stocked but not particularly modern inside , always the same staff who you sense have worked there for eternity – and you get to take your purchases home in old cardboard boxes!

      Wow, that cocoa sorbet sounds amazing! Wish we could find it here….

      1. Chocolate sorbet has been big here for a while, mostly at the numerous California-style gelato places that keep popping up. I’m sure it will reach you soon. In fact, a couple of the chains are actually from Italy so they must be coming to the UK if not already there?

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