Holidays in Greece with allergies

View over Nidri, Skorpios and Meganisi

We’ve considered Greece as a holiday destination for years but usually opted for the safer (for us) option of France (D is fluent in French), but this year Greece it was, specifically Lefkada, one of the Ionian Islands. It was a long awaited holiday, postponed twice due to Covid and so we had high expectations. In fact, Lefkada delivered exactly what we’d hoped for from a Greek island holiday – wonderful sunny weather, stunning crystal blue sea, fun on beaches and boats and hillsides adorned with ancient olive trees and vibrant green Cypress. It was relaxing, restorative and just perfect, but……

It really wasn’t the easiest destination in  terms of allergies, and remember we’re concerned about milk, eggs, peanuts and sesame seeds. The different alphabet and our inability to understand Greek was a real problem. We self-catered in a villa (as is our choice even without allergies factored in) so had to visit plenty of supermarkets. The main Lefkada town had a couple of bigger supermarkets which were well stocked and had an impressive selection of some free-from products. There were plenty of dairy-free cheeses, butters, a few Alpro yoghurts and lots of dairy-free milk choices.

Bread was really difficult, as we’d expected. Luckily, I’d packed lots of wraps, pittas, bagel thins and focaccia as we only found some safe pittas on the last few days. As you might imagine with Greece, sesame was the biggest issue. We did find one loaf of Scar gluten-free bread, but only in the bigger AB Supermarket in Lefkada Town. The other supermarkets we visited were much smaller and certainly had no suitable bread, yogurts or cheese. We even found the selection of safe crisps was limited, no safe biscuits and even most sweets were not an option as European Hairbo now all seem to have a may contain milk warning. I’d definitely recommend making a trip to the bigger supermarkets and taking a list so you don’t forget anything!

Lovely quality fresh fruit and veg were available in all small scale shops but far more limited in the availability of more ‘specialist’ items.

The biggest problem was definitely having little understanding of the language. On the first day the girls saw a pina colada juice that looked tasty. They compared the highlighted ingredients with the words on our Equal Eats cards and it looked fine. Little S, being a cautious type took a small sip when we were at the villa, she thought it tasted odd. I tasted it and thought it was fine, so she had another sip and her allergy-senses went into overdrive – something made her stop and download a photo translation app to check the ingredients. This is when we noticed a little asterisk and an additional note saying the ‘powder’ contained 3% milk. Our hearts dropped as the villa was miles up a winding mountain road. Little S felt pretty bad, her throat tightened and she felt extremely uncomfortable. Luckily a double dose of anti-histamine was all that was needed, but it was a close call and a nasty start to the holiday. But we learnt a lesson, never presume, always double check, especially when you don’t fully understand the language.

The next tricky incident was in a restaurant when we wanted to order some chips and drinks to go along with our sandwiches. We asked what oil was used and the waitress looked bemused and said ‘the usual oil’, we pressed her further, again she said ‘the usual one’. So we had to get her to check in the kitchen, where she returned saying ‘the classic oil’. We did some google research and it turns out that olive oil in Greece is called classic oil – makes total sense in the land of the olive, but you have to check and it still didn’t feel comfortable!

We ate out twice, both in more touristy locations. The first was an Italian restaurant in Nidri called Pomodoro – we chose this one because Trip Advisor had rave reviews about how helpful the waiter Spiros was, and also we tend to find Italian restaurants generally have something the girls can eat. Indeed Spiros the waiter was extremely friendly and accommodating; he double checked items and made sure we had a really tasty and safe Italian meal. The pizza was a no-go because the base contained milk, but there were a few pasta options, or grilled meats the girls could choose from. Big S had simple pasta pomodoro and Little S when for the l’amatriciana, the same as the pomodoro but with the addition of ham and bacon. They both declared their meals delicious, so it was a big hit. If you’re in Nidri I’d really recommend Pomodoro as a restaurant worth visiting.

We also had lunch at Nikiana Beach club – again it was more touristy so English was widely spoken and the chicken souvlaki and chips was entirely safe once the tzatziki was removed.

Safe souvlaki

Maybe we could have been more adventurous with eating out, but we like to play it safe and stuck mainly to good old packed lunches and eating in the villa. In fact, one day I had a complete allergy-parent fail. I’d made our picnic to take to the beach and had left it in the fridge until the last moment to try and keep it fresh. What did i do? Yep, that’s right, half-way to the other side of the island I remembered it was still in the fridge. It was too far to go back, so we went via the bigger supermarket and cobbled together a just about ok lunch!


Ice cream didn’t feature at all – we didn’t see any suitable and the only ice lollies we saw were Calippo which are may contain milk and so off the menu for us. Luckily fresh, delicious fruit juices seem to be a big thing so we opted for nice drinks instead of icy treats.

What would I do differently? Well, definitely download a photo translation app and double check all ingredients on packs. Although, even some products looked safe but when we double checked (extra cautious after day 1!) the may contains hadn’t been added to the English ingredient list. (Such as this choc cereal).

I’d also pack even more bread, as well as spices and sauces which we found in short supply in Greek shops. I’m pleased I took some breads, biscuits, chocolate, and things for sandwich fillers (Tartex vegetarian pate, marmite, Oatly creamy spread, chocolate spread and violife cheese slices) as none of the cooked meats were safe.

So all in all it wasn’t easy on the food front, we definitely needed to cook ourselves and bring plenty of food, but it was worth it for the idyllic scenery and sea. Greece, you are a stunning holiday destination 🙂

West coast

The Stable pizza restaurant is really good with allergies

We were lucky enough to have a short holiday in Cornwall during the recent heatwave which was glorious. There is nothing like the wind swept Cornish beaches in good weather. As usual we self-catered, not only because it’s easier and takes away a lot of stress, but we generally prefer to eat home cooked food! We stayed in Kingsand, a wonderful traditional Cornish fishing village on the Rame peninsula – it’s just like the popular tourist destinations of Port Isaac or Megavissey but a bit less touristy – I’d really recommend it as a great holiday destination. Since it’s on a peninsula it’s actually a long drive from Plymouth, despite being fairly close as the crow flies, you avoid a lot of the big summer crowds. On one day we took the ferry to Plymouth, not only for the transport but also to enjoy the ride. 


As we were out for the day we’d done some prior research on possible lunch destinations, not only allergy-friendly but also dog friendly as Luna our Cavapoo was on holiday with us too. Top of the google search for dog friendly restaurants in Plymouth was The Stable. Now, we’ve thought of trying out The stable before as we have a local one to us, but somehow have never got round to it. We thoroughly checked the allergen menu online and it looked like a good option.


It was actually a super allergy-friendly meal – we had a vegan garlic bread to start which was very tasty. This was followed by a meaty pizza with vegan cheese for Big S, a Hawaiian pizza with no cheese for Little S, and a veggie option for me. All were good and tasty, although the Hawaiian with no cheese was a little dry so we’d ask for extra tomato sauce next time. The waiter took time and care with our order, coming back to check a on options a couple of times and we felt comfortable eating there.

Garlic Bread
The meat is on pizza with vegan cheese
Hawaiian Five-Oh pizza with no cheese


So, if you’re out and about and come across a branch of The Stable I’d say it would definitely be worth giving it a go. There are plenty of vegan options, an entire gluten-free menu and there appear to be no peanuts on the menu, only sesame on the local Plymouth pizza, and the only nuts are may contain on the pudding menu.

Aubergine Kenobi Veggie pizza

Eating at The Ivy with allergies

I’ve often thought that it might be nice to go to The Ivy as a family. Our local one is so beautifully decorated, and whilst it is just a brasserie chain, it feels a bit more special than most restaurants. We recently had reason to celebrate (end of exams) and so I contacted them directly to see if they could cater for us and was very happy to receive a positive response saying that they’re be extremely happy to cater for our needs and to speak with the waiter directly. Once I’d found it, the allergen menu online looked quite good and we were surprised that there was a variety of dishes that looked suitable. We still felt that familiar low level anxiety of trying somewhere new, but that’s not uncommon!


Well, it was a superb experience, well beyond our expectations and is definitely a restaurant we will return to. The waiter was fantastic, he immediately said he knew what everything contained, he took down our requirements seriously but without fuss or the wise-cracks that Little S in particular has to deal with. We’d checked the allergen menu and the sourdough bread looked safe so we ordered some, the waiter came back a few minutes later to say he’d been concerned that the information was not correct, had checked and found that it contained milk. Whilst it wasn’t reassuring that the allergen menu online was incorrect, we were pleased that the waiter clearly knew what he was talking about and had been extra vigilant.

We could see our order on the screen with a big allergy order alert which made us feel confident that the kitchen was aware of the order, and the message had got through. Big S ordered a minute steak with chips and watercress. She was given a red wine jus rather than the usual peppercorn sauce, and it came adorned with an allergy flag. The waiter said that they normally cook the steaks in garlic butter, hence why none appeared as options on the allergen menu, but Big S’s was cooked separately and safely. Little S had an option of three choices just from the children’s menu and more from the adult – this is almost unheard of! She chose grilled chicken with chips, tomato sauce and tender stem broccoli. Again it was a great option, came with the allergy flag, the portion size was huge for a kids meal. It was tasty, well cooked, well presented and it was wonderful she could order something off the menu without any alterations. Also, the chips were amazing!


I had a rather delicious halloumi dish with fregola and herb sauce – for a veggie option, care had been taken to give a really well thought out, interesting and tasty dish, rather than the usual afterthought that the veggie choice often is!


We didn’t order any puddings so didn’t check if any were possible, but the waiter did bring Big S a complimentary little raspberry compote with coconut yogurt and toasted coconut flakes to celebrate the end of her exams which was a really lovely touch.


It turns out that we vaguely know the head chef and have since passed on our thanks for a really good and safe experience. He was so pleased to get good feedback, and gave us a full run down of their allergy procedures. Everything is cooked separately, it’s checked three times, the manager takes responsibility to check again and it is even served on a separate tray. He seemed proud of their processes and I can see why, it made us feel confident and relaxed which is a very rare experience in a restaurant. 


So top marks and a big allergy applause for The Ivy – we will return with cautious (only because we’re an allergy family and it has to be that way!) confidence the next time we have something to celebrate.


Franco Manca – turns out it’s a good choice for allergies

We were in London for a day out in the Easter holidays. We often find it really hard to eat out when in London. It’s partly because we don’t want to waste too much of the day finding a restaurant and then waiting for the food to arrive, but also we don’t want to take risks and end up having a reaction, or just a stressful experience. So, more often than not, we end up eating the emergency sandwiches I always pack, and simply stop for a nice drink instead. When Yorica was around we always headed there for the best ice cream ever! Oh, we so miss Yorica!

We were just about to go and find somewhere to eat our emergency rations when we walked past a branch of Franco Manca on Old Brompton Road. Now, we’ve never eaten at a Franco Manca before but have heard good things about the chain catering well for allergies, and so we took the huge, brave step of walking in for lunch! Yes, it felt slightly nervy but also wonderfully spontaneous which is something we generally miss out on.

The menu is short and we were really surprised at what good value the pizzas were. To our delight the first pizza on the list was a marinara (tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and basil) with no cheese in sight – how wonderful! We ordered this as it’s a joy to order something on a menu without alterations and it was almost perfect. The base was deliciously chewy with charred bits and plenty of air bubbles – a really great pizza base. The tomato sauce was fresh, vibrant and light.

The only thing letting it down was the heavy handed addition of the oregano, which surely must have been a mistake because it was as if an entire jar had been tipped on top! We like oregano but this really was way too much! All in all it was a good, safe pizza but next time we’d ask for less oregano (!) and maybe add some toppings for extra interest. The vegan cheese on offer is Violife and there were plenty of meat and veg options to jazz it up. The beauty is you can start with a safe marinara and then add to it, rather than the trickier option of taking cheese off a pizza and then adding toppings instead. Even some of the dips were vegan, but we didn’t investigate further to see if they were totally safe.

I’d probably give Franco Manca 4* out of 5 mainly because the staff were efficient but a little brusk, I wasn’t 100% sure they’d got the message in our allergy order so watched like a hawk whilst the food was being prepared! Also, as it’s a pizza oven you have the potential for some cross contamination in the oven. But, having said that we had no issues and the food was good, safe and tasty, as well as being very good value. We’ll certainly eat at a Franco Manca again. 

We noticed a vegan raspberry sorbet on the menu but didn’t try, we felt like we’d been brave enough for one day!

(The menu also featured a gluten-free base which may be worth investigating if you’re gluten-free, although how that works with all the flour about I’m not quite sure? On the menu i didn’t see any peanuts but there were walnuts in a salad, almonds and hazelnuts in the puddings, as well as pesto on some pizzas.)

Browns Brasserie

I’d always imagined that brasserie style restaurants would be no-go’s in the UK. This probably stems from a disastrous meal in a Brasserie Blanc when the girls were tiny and the allegedly safe meal came with a pile of buttered green beans sitting on top! That was an experience that scarred us!

Anyway, Browns Brasserie had been recommended by a fellow allergy mum and as we were having a day out in Oxford it seemed like the perfect opportunity to be brave and give somewhere new a go. Well, we were pleasantly surprised and will definitely return for another visit sometime.


The waiter was exceptionally good – as soon as we mentioned allergies he brought out the allergen menu and didn’t seem at all phased. He also confirmed that anything grilled would be cooked in a separate pan to ensure there was no cross contamination – this came from him, not from us asking. It was really impressive service.

The allergen info is on the glass onion app so it’s easy to peruse at home, and also simple to categorise via allergen. We’d spent a long time checking it out at home (as is often our way!) and discovered that while the menu was more limited for Little S, she could still have a variety of dishes (she avoids milk, eggs, peanuts and sesame seeds). Out of the adult mains she could have had a steak, a couple of fish dishes or a vegan curry or salad. On the children’s menu there was grilled chicken breast or tomato pasta. She opted for the grilled chicken, plus chips and peas. Big S (allergic to milk only) had the burger with no cheese. 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the food was tasty and well presented and it felt a little bit more special than one of the usual allergy-safe destinations. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a nice meal out. 


The only downside was that there weren’t so many choice for me (the vegetarian) but that’s a small price to pay for a safe allergy-friendly, family-friendly meal out. A big allergy-applause to browns Brasserie from us. 😊


Tea at The Orchid Lounge, Pan Pacific, London

I so wanted to write an absolutely glowing review as we’ve been looking forward to this exciting and special occasion for ages, so I’ll start with the good and then if you want to hear the negatives (there were some), you can read on…

We booked afternoon tea at The Orchid Lounge at Pan Pacific in London as the ultimate treat for big S’s 18th Birthday. Years ago we had a very successful afternoon tea at The Langham when Cherish Finden was head pastry chef there, so when we’d heard she’d joined the newly opened Pan Pacific as executive chef, it seemed like a wonderful choice for this very special occasion. I contacted Cherish on social media and the hotel directly, and was reassured that our dietary requirements (which I admit are tricky and numerous) could be catered for and the hotel would make sure it would be a very special occasion. We were so excited, we talked for weeks about what it would be like and checked and rechecked the menu! 

The Good was very good: the dessert plate of patisserie was spectacular with interesting, thought-provoking flavours, contrasting textures and it really was picture perfect to look at.

Our table had two versions, the usual one and the 14 allergen-free one, and there were few differences. The Free-from selection was delicious, incredibly impressive and certainly worth seeking out if you’re hankering after particularly fine patisserie. As it was late November, the tea had a Christmas theme and was an entire story of walking through the forest, Father Christmas and the reindeer flying over the trees, then waking up and opening the Christmas presents. It was really special. The ‘forest tower’ was filed with Yuzu mousse that was light and perfumed. The Christmas tree shortbread seemed to have a passionfruit caramel centre which was totally delightful. The Christmas bauble contained an orange mousse and gel, and the gift was the richest chocolate of many contrasting layers. All spectacular, and exceptional that such fine patisserie could be made ’14 free’. I know that Cherish and the kitchen spent months developing that aspect.

14 allergen free patisserie plate
The traditional patisserie plate

Indeed, all the food was fabulous – maybe the sandwiches weren’t necessarily to our taste (I’m not sure anyone want a fat slice of tofu in a sandwich!) but they were interesting and presented beautifully, and they were trying to tick the boxes for us and our requirements.

Vegan sandwich selection

Those of us who had the Kopi Tiam version (dim sum and Singaporean take on afternoon tea) found the offerings beautiful, delicate and very interesting. The curry puffs were a real highlight, and the dim sum a real flavour sensation and a step outside the comfort zone for the younger members of the family. Just what you want from an afternoon tea experience.

Dim Sum
Mushroom Bao

I’m impressed how the kitchen catered for our various dietary requirements and I feel they are extremely skilled and should receive massive praise for the beautiful food they create.

Before I say anymore, I have to say the hotel has been fantastic. They’ve been very communicative, extremely apologetic and are making changes to address all our issues. So please do consider Pan Pacific if you’d like a truly spectacular afternoon tea.

But here are the problems we had. Our issues mainly arose from the service and I have to say that sadly the special occasion was ruined, in fact it ruined the whole weekend. I could go on at length about the two hour wait for any food to arrive, the whole tea taking four hours (yes, 4 hours!), the offers of free drinks being swiftly denied by other staff, the constant need to ask for a tea cup or glass of water which took multiple requests and ages to come. Or the fact that Big S ended the meal with a small contact allergic reaction to some cross contamination (yes, we know and accept this is a risk of eating anywhere), or that the one member of our group who ate the prawn dim sum since came down with a nasty bout of food poisoning. But all those failures could have been forgiven, what really ruined the experience was the incompetent way the staff dealt with allergies, and the four occasions where we avoided an allergic reaction due to us (and mainly Little S) noticing something was not right about the plate in front of her. The kitchen knew about the food but not all the service staff did, meaning each time something arrived there was an air of (dangerous) confusion.

Firstly, we were all served an amuse bouche of a Calamansi jelly with a mango pearl served in a cleaned-out egg shell so it looked like an egg. Eye catching and interesting but also somewhat un-nerving as the start of a meal for a family with an egg allergy amongst them. We pointed out that it wasn’t right to serve an empty egg shell to someone who is seriously allergic to egg to which the waiter responded that it was fine because it had been thoroughly washed out (I don’t think this is safe!). We asked if Little S could have similar in a different container, but after a lengthy enquiry this apparently was not possible. So little S had to sit there with an eggshell in front of her – we all started to feel rather uncomfortable. What were they thinking? How can using an empty eggshell and serving it to an egg allergic child be acceptable? (For those who ate the amuse bouche it was delicious, but for Little S it was the start of feeling that they didn’t want her there, that she was a bother, which made us feel fairly sad.)

Amuse bouche

Next up came the sandwiches. The waiter proudly talked us through the fillings announcing that Little S had a cheddar cheese one. Eek! When told that wasn’t ok as she’s allergic to milk, he said, it’s ok just start eating the others and I’ll go and check. The head waitress came for a look and said it was turkey, finally it was confirmed to be tofu. A relief, but we were feeling increasingly ill at ease. Maybe we should have just left, but this was the special event, we had nothing else planned and surely it could go well from here, but no. Big S was given the wrong in between course biscuit and this was only noticed by Little S at the very last second.

Between course freefrom biscuit

Next the wrong scones were given to Little S, again a mistake noticed only by ourselves. As I say, I know we’re difficult to cater for but we’d only gone for this hugely expensive experience because it was confirmed that we could be looked after, and maybe we should have just left, but it’s hard when there are no other easy options and you’ve gone to such lengths to make this happen. 

14 free scones
Traditional scones

As I say, the meal ended on a high of wonderful 14-free patisserie, but we would have maybe enjoyed it more if we’d felt less anxious and it had been two hours earlier. To not be able to have your first bite of sandwich for two hours after arrival is excessive. And to be fair, once all the issues were pointed out the head waitress got involved and did all she could to turn the situation around. It was just sad that the occasion had been ruined, that special 18th birthday celebration which was meant to prove that yes you can have the same luxury experiences even with a food allergy just didn’t go to plan. Will we go for afternoon tea again soon? I’m not sure we will as it was just a stressful occasion and not the relaxed special occasion we’d hoped for….

Malaga in Spain with allergies

View of Malaga from Gibralfaro Castle

I can’t quite believe it! We’ve been abroad for the first time in two years (thanks COVID!). It really didn’t look like we’d get there after cancelled summer plans and then cases of COVID rocketing at school before half term. It also didn’t seem like it would be worth the hassle whilst doing the costly tests and filling out the countless forms. But we did it, we managed a half-term city break and it was definitely worth it to explore this grand Spanish city and enjoy some truly warm late October weather.

We flew with BA who were fantastic with allergies. They happily made numerous ‘no nuts on board’ announcements which was reassuring. However the risks of flying were bought home to me when, despite the announcements, I looked down at the pile of rubbish my neighbour was carelessly tossing onto the seat between us (pretty gross in itself) to see the wrapper of a peanut bar. I was shocked, and as he’d already finished it i didn’t fancy a confrontation.I guess, like many people he just hadn’t listened to the announcement. Luckily Little S was across the aisle and absolutely fine but it certainly made me feel rather uncomfortable and goes to show that you can politely ask people to look out for others, but some just don’t hear it, or won’t listen or don’t care 🙁.

What a mess left by the passenger sitting next to me 😦

We stayed in an apartment in the very centre of the old city so we could self-cater. this is always our choice as eating out is generally difficult and often stressful but also we’d get bored of eating out all the time, sometimes homemade food is what you want/need. As per usual, I packed plenty: bagel thins, wraps, dairy-free margarine, dairy-free cheese, oat milk, chocolate, biscuits and a cake; however this time I wished I’d packed more.

We were in the centre of the old town with it’s tiny streets, so only had small shops nearby and we found no safe bread (all contained or warned may contain sesame, and lots contained milk too) and pasta was equally tricky as most contained egg, we only found one pack of Barilla spaghetti that was OK. On our last day we popped into a slightly larger supermarket and there were a few loaves of Schar gluten-free bread which we could have bought. Also, because they were mainly small shops dairy free yogurts were hard to come by. Next time I’ll definitely pack more bread and some emergency pasta!

the freefrom range in the larger supermarket

We were on the visit to celebrate D’s birthday so we definitely wanted to eat out once at least. Before travelling I must have spent hours researching online for potential allergy safe restaurants. This was a difficult task, there were a few that were recommended for gluten-free but I didn’t easily come across any that were recommended for milk, egg, and nut allergies. After what felt like hours of fruitless research I came across La Pala d’Oro, a family run traditional Italian restaurant that proudly declared that they could cater for allergies (see below), and the menu had great allergen labelling, this was the destination for the big day (I’ll come back to the actual meal later!).

Since shopping proved far tricker than we’d expected and we had wandered past plenty of restaurants that looked possible, and it looked so appealing to sit outside and eat, we thought we’d be really brave and try a simple meal out. The restaurant we chose looked like a good choice and the manager was enthusiastic about his ability to cater for us. It was a traditional Spanish restaurant called Lo Gueno de Strachan and the menu featured grilled meats and he guaranteed there were no allergens on the grill. Perfect! Well, it was a safe meal but it was extremely underwhelming, plain grilled chicken or steak with some seriously bad greasy and cold chips! The vegetarian choice was a frankly odd salad that tasted rather unpleasant. Funny though, even though it wasn’t good food we were happy (and relieved) to have eaten safely, maybe that’s the lot of an allergy family, you put up with bad food just because it’s safe!!

Other than that disappointing meal, we did find plenty of fancy cocktails to enjoy, which is rather lovely whilst overlooking the beach and enjoying some late October sunshine!

San Francisco mocktail

So onto our meal for D’s birthday at La Pala d’Oro. I’m hesitant to write this because it was so good, the food was great and then service was perfect until the pudding and then both girls reacted to a likely trace of milk in the sorbet and the meal ended under a cloud, but i don’t think it was entirely the fault of the restaurant and I do think it is a fantastic restaurant that is worth seeking out… so hear me out before you make any decisions.

La Pala d’Oro Menu

La Pala d’Oro has branches in both Malaga and Benalmadena, and has an extensive menu with something for everyone, from pizza to pastas to grilled meats. The menu has very clear allergen labelling which is always a big relief. The waitress who took our order clearly knew the menu inside out and even confirmed which pastas were egg-free. To our utter delight we could all partake of the wonderful freshly made bread basket (this is unheard of) as it only contained gluten. Oh my it was delicious! Light olive focaccia, crispy grissini and crusty bread rolls. We didn’t mean to eat it all, but we couldn’t resist the deliciousness!

Homemade bread basket

Then it was pasta bolognese for Little S made with penne so no egg traces, she declared it the best bolognese ever and it even came with a garnish of edible petals. Big S had a prosciutto pizza with no cheese which was wonderful. Chewy, blackened, proper Italian base with light air bubbles, fresh tomato sauce and plenty of toppings. D and I had absolutely perfect pizzas too.

Prosciutto Pizza

Then a different waiter came to remove the plates and said ‘you can only have the lemon sorbet for pudding, how many would you like?’ I guess I’d been lulled into a false sense of security by how amazing he meal had been and so didn’t go through the please use a fresh scoop etc. Little S then heard a blender and the sorbet came – surprisingly – in a glass with a straw, which was rather unexpected. It definitely didn’t contain milk but there was certainly a trace in little S’s – she had a sip and then her mouth started to ‘feel funny’ and she came out in some hives. We thought it odd as Big S seemed fine, but then she finished off Little S’s and her lips started to swell. So clearly there was a trace of milk in one of the sorbets – possibly from the blender or the scoop. They were both ok in the end, but it did add a layer of stress and kind of ruined the meal. I’m not blaming the restaurant as the rest of the meal had been so fantastic, but it was a lesson to me to never let the guard down, and don’t think because it’s going well that those questions don’t need asking. But even so, I would go back, I would make those questions a priority, but I would be confident of a fantastic meal out.

the offending sorbet

Malaga was a fantastic destination for an autumn city break. There were plenty of things to see and do, the weather was gorgeous and it was just a lovely place to wander around; but it wasn’t the easiest allergy destination. I would advise to pack lots of food – bread! But, if you are brave, safe food can be found 🙂

Hales of Cartmel, Cumbria

We sadly had to postpone our longed for holiday to the Greek Islands due to COVID and have ended up in the Lake District. It’s stunning and we’ve always meant to visit but it really isn’t a hot and sunny Mediterranean holiday – that’ll have to wait until things return to a bit more like normal. We also seemed to time it extremely badly, after two weeks of scorching weather it’s been chilly, unbelievably wet at times and generally ridiculously changeable! But maybe it’s often like that in The Lakes and I guess it wouldn’t be so wonderfully green and verdant if it didn’t rain a lot 😉

We’ve done a lot of the Southern Lakes including Coniston, Windermere and a fell or two and had to have a trip to Cartmel, the home of both l’Enclume and sticky toffee pudding. Sadly a trip to L’Enclume was not on our itinerary but I did get sticky toffee pudding for presents (I’ll also make my own friendly sticky toffee pudding when we get home 😊).

Cartmel is a gorgeous picture perfect Cumbrian village and a lovely place to wander about, but the highlight turned out to be Hales of Cartmel. As usual with ice cream parlours we thought it it would be a ‘oh wouldn’t that be nice’ and then move along. But Little S spied a whole list of vegan Ice creams on offer, so it was certainly worth going in and asking. Sadly on our first visit it was closing time so we had to come back the next day. Oh my we were pleased we had! The owner was so knowledgable and well informed. She has a whole range of vegan ice creams and knew exactly how they were made, with a full run down of how the ice cream machines were thoroughly cleaned between batches. As soon as we mentioned allergies the first thing she did (without prompting) was to go and thoroughly wash the scoop and fetch fresh hot water for cleaning between portions, now that’s the sort of service that makes us feel confident and happy!

Not only were there ice creams, but also a whole list of safe sorbets ranging from lemon to the rather lovely sounding passionfruit and pineapple. All these were made by Luxury Lakes Ice Cream. There were safe cones on offer and even a warning given over some varieties which were made in a facility that handles allergens, plus a variety of safe toppings from marshmallows to sherbet and sprinkles. Again the owner knew immediately which toppings were allergy safe and I even noticed that she kept these in a closed box to avoid any cross-contamination. Why can’t more establishments have care and attention to detail like this?

We were in ice cream heaven! It was such a joy to have a wonderfully allergy aware owner, safe ice cream and an abundance of choice! Since Yorica sadly shut down we haven’t had the joy of an ice cream parlour with a choice, and this find was so exciting we talked about our choices for most of the day and made a return visit for the pure joy of another ice cream 🙂

As we’re so unused to choice it was almost overwhelming, with a stunning array from the usual strawberry, vanilla and chocolate to the more exciting Biscoff, tiramisu and thunder and lightning which was by far our favourite. After all who can resist vanilla ice cream swirled with honeycomb and chocolate sauce?

So if you are visiting the Lakes and are anywhere near Cartmel I would thoroughly recommend a visit even if it’s just a pick up a delicious allergy-friendly ice cream.

Venus Beach Cafes, Devon

After probably the longest winter in living memory the restrictions in the UK are starting to be relaxed and suddenly we don’t need to stay at home, or more recently stay local. We live in a particularly beautiful area but sometimes you also really feel the need to widen your horizons, and particularly get a bit of sea air!

By a fluke of luck we had a mini-break booked in Salcombe, South Devon to start on the 12th April, the day self-catering holidays were first allowed. Boy, were we lucky! We’d only booked it up as we’d been in October just before the November lockdown and had the most horrifically wet and stormy weather and we really wanted to go back and see what Salcombe had to offer. Luckily for us 3 nights were available (the only available dates until October 2021!) and so back in November we snapped them up. For a while it didn’t look like we’d go, but fate was smiling down on us and all the dates slotted into place and we got our holiday! It was so fabulous to go away, enjoy some beautiful beaches and the cute winding streets of the town.

When we visited in October we went on a day trip to Bigbury on Sea and checked out Burgh Island (famous for Agatha Christie and the setting for some of her novels) and warmed ourselves up with tea in the Venus Cafe. Warming our hands on the steaming mugs we noticed the menu looked pretty awesome for us, all allergens clearly stated, plenty of vegan/veggie options and even a selection of safe ice creams. We couldn’t resist and scoffed down Swedish Glace cornettos despite the in climate weather, and then needed to warm up again. Cue a sharing plate of some of the best chips we’ve ever tasted!

Burgh Island

Consequently we were very keen on return to the Venus cafe on this visit. It turns out there are 4 Venus cafes in the Devon area – Blackpool sands, Bigbury on Sea, East Portlemouth and Millendreath, and whilst I’ve only eaten at the Bigbury one, if the others are just as good then they’re well worth hunting out.

Luna our Cavapoo on Bigbury Beach

The Venus cafe is just what you want from a beach cafe, a good selection of ice creams, cooked breakfasts, burgers and toasties and amazing chips! We had to eat outside as that is all that is allowed right now, but what a treat. Delicious safe burgers (toastie for me) and chips followed by ice creams. We couldn’t have asked for a better beach cafe experience.

Not only is the Venus cafe allergy aware but they’re also pretty hot on sustainability, local ingredients and introducing packaging solutions that are kinder to the environment. Venus cafe, we’re big fans of you, your food and ethos, and in our experience you deserve a big allergy applause 🙂

Turtle Bay

We recently had reason to celebrate and decided to brave the big wide world with a trip to a restaurant. D and I have visited Turtle Bay before but not for a family meal out – when we’ve been it’s been so loud with pounding beats that you couldn’t hear your neighbour speak – not exactly conducive to a nice relaxed child friendly meal!

Cocktails! 🍹

Anyway, the girls have developed a taste for spice and Turtle Bay is where you want to go for spice! As it turns out it is also a great example of an ‘allergy applause’ destination and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

As usual, we had perused the allergen menu (easily available online here ) at length and were delighted over the range of potentially suitable dishes. It seems that nuts are not much of a thing in this restaurant which is always reassuring.

We identified suitable dishes for starters, mains, children’s menu and pudding. This was looking good 🤩 as a range of pudding options is more than a little unusual for us!

We went early (6.30pm) and it was quiet, calm, felt totally safe from a Coronavirus perspective. The atmosphere is just like being on a tropical holiday – the rustic beach cafe vibe and Reggae has to bring a smile to your face.

We started with mocktails and cocktails which added to the beachy vibe. The service was fabulous – the waiter knew the menu inside out and listened to our requirements with care. We had chosen a sweetcorn fritter starter to share but the waiter was concerned about the oil they were fried in. He checked with the chefs and they confirmed they were not happy to say they would be safe for a a milk allergy. This was disappointing for the girls as they love sweetcorn fritters but reassuring and exactly the kind of response we’d want in this situation. Instead we shared some Trini doubles – delicious chickpea curry on fluffy rotis. I was expecting the girls to dislike the chickpeas (they’re never keen when I use them!) but they both pronounced them delicious and devoured the plateful. Chickpeas are now definitely on the menu at home this week!!

Trini Doubles

Little S had the barbecued chicken and chips (only allergens soya and sulphur dioxide) from the Little Turtles Menu  – which was a huge portion, grilled to perfection and served with the crispiest, fluffiest chips I’ve seen in ages.

Big S nearly had a curry but opted for the jerk chicken with chips – again it was thoroughly enjoyed but a bit spicier than the children’s version.

I maybe found the veggie offerings a little less pleasing – I had an Avo Chilli Smash beach salad and while it was very tasty it seemed a bit like a few veggie things were chucked on a plate with the hope it would make a dish. I would have chosen something else if I’d realised the same chickpeas were in both the starter and my main. I like chickpeas but twice in a meal is a bit much!

Beach Salad

When it came to it we were too full to enjoy pudding, so I guess we’ll have to return to try out the dairy-free ice creams, sorbet or chilli chocolate brownie. 

All in all it was a fabulous choice of a meal out, and a celebratory one at that. A holiday vibe, great fancy drinks, fantastic allergen free offerings and some delicious spicy food. We’d thoroughly recommend it 😀