Pea and Watercress Soup

Here’s a picture of my second batch of watercress soup in preparation for the Watercress soup world championship – it was nice (delicious even) but no winner in my opinion! Batch one will be the chosen recipe. This one was basically my Super Pea Souper with a bunch of watercress added in the last couple of minutes to gently wilt. You could definitely taste the peas and the watercress, but maybe it was still more of a pea soup rather than a watercress one. Made a nice lunch though.

World Watercress Soup Championships 2012!

This Sunday in Alresford, Hampshire, UK is the first ever World Watercress Soup Championships – providing the perfect opportunity for my first competitive culinary challenge. Alresford is a very small, picturesque market town that is the very epicentre of watercress production in the UK and every May hosts a Watercress Festival featuring… you may be able to guess… all things watercress related!

My first attempt is currently on the stove, and I’m certainly not going to reveal my recipe until after the big event on Sunday (I don’t want anyone to steal it!) but I may post a photo later if batch one is worth it. 🙂

Here’s a sneaky peak of batch one – and it tasted pretty good – I’m not going to give away any other info just yet!!