A Day of Disasters!

It’s been one of those days… but hopefully after three disasters in a few short hours things are going to start looking up. First I attempted a new version of chocolate chip cookies – they tasted lovely but really didn’t work (think flat, floppy, greasy). Next, I turned the gas on under my lovely empty Le Creuset rather than a different ring, forgot about it, and only noticed when a rather odd smell permeated the house – luckily my beloved turquoise Le Creuset pot wasn’t damaged! And finally, I had a hot oil pan fire while cooking fish for the kids. Luckily my other half was around as I just panicked and froze looking at the dancing flames.

Here’s hoping that these things do happen in threes and we can now carry on as normal!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sorry to hear that. I had an oven grease fire once. It was scary. Wishing you lots of good luck in the kitchen from here on out!

    1. lucylox says:

      Thank you! No more disasters so far…!

      1. Glad things are ok! Have a great Easter weekend!

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