Warning: Ecover Camomile Washing Up Liquid contains milk

I was alerted to this rather surprising fact the other day. Ecover Camomile Washing Up liquid contains milk in the form of whey. Not exactly ideal if you have a dairy allergy, you don’t really want to be smearing the allergen all over your dishes whilst doing the washing up. I think an email to Ecover is the order of the day…

5 thoughts on “Warning: Ecover Camomile Washing Up Liquid contains milk

  1. Wow had no idea. Don’t think I’ve ever purchased this specific product but I’ve definitely purchased other Ecover items. I’ll have to read the labels very carefully. Thanks!

    1. I know.. apparently it’s nothing new. I’d just never have thought of checking the ingredients of washing up liquid before…
      They replied to my email… the others are dairy free, but one does contain gluten… they kindly said I could use the other varieties if i wanted, but no real explanation as to why they use allergens and don’t highlight them!

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