Pizza Express (actually a reasonable option for the dairy and egg-free)

It may seem strange that I’m writing a review of a very well-known pizza chain – doesn’t pizza rely on cheese? However, we’ve eaten at a LOT of Pizza Express branches as a family and the girls have always been able to eat a safe and tasty meal, one that is almost completely on the kids menu (very unusual for us, we normally end up having to eat ‘off menu’ and always lose out financially for it).

At Pizza Express the waiting staff have always seemed friendly and well trained. They have unfailingly listened to our requirements and made no fuss…. And we’ve never had any food mistakes in any of the branches we’ve visited.

On the bambino menu the girls can start with dough balls and side salad (dairy, egg and nut free). This is followed by a pizza (minus the cheese)…. A cheese-less pizza might sound a bit substandard, but since the bases are unfailingly delicious and the tomato sauce good too, it is still a surprisingly satisfying main course. It’s all rather dough-based, but hey, it is a pizza restaurant!

But most exciting of all, there’s a new addition on the menu, a dairy, egg and nut-free raspberry sorbet. My girls hardly ever get to eat a pudding in a restaurant so this new development is hugely exciting, and the sorbet tastes gorgeous too! Although must admit we only actually ate it on third attempt as it had sold out the first two times we went, but that’s another story.




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  1. livliveslife says:

    My brother and I were allergic to dairy when we were younger, and we always used to get the strangest looks at a pizza shop. I’m glad the staff is so willing to help out!

    Raspberry sorbet was also a huge favorite of ours – still is! 🙂

    1. lucylox says:

      It seems that if people don’t understand they think you’re fussy and annoying, or just plain crazy!

  2. Oh yeah! That’s the stuff!
    nom nom nom!

  3. Starr says:

    Love to hear that some restaurants are expanding their menus to be more inclusive. It make a dinner out less awkward (who wants to be the only person at the table who can’t have dessert?)… I’ve repeatedly suggested to a few restaurants in my area, that adding sorbet to their menus would be a hit with the lactose intolerant, vegans, and some dieters. So far nothing has come of it 😦

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