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So we’ve dragged Big S off the sofa a bit earlier than we should to spend the weekend at a local festival…. And by local, I mean 8 miles away local! She isn’t back to full strength…. She looks pale and tired and is very quiet but the sunshine and fresh air should do her good…. And anyway we can get home in ten minutes should we need..

The food options are pretty limited if you have allergies at a festival, especially such a small one. There isn’t even a vegan food stall here. It’s mainly a choice of chips, chips or more chips! So it’s plenty of picnic food and homemade snacks for us. Other than the highlight of churros later this afternoon…. Hot, sugary, doughnutty sticks…. Mmm, yum!

This is my first ever mobile post, hence no recipe for now…. But it may inspire one next week.





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