Lucy's Friendly Foods


Sticky Toffee Scones

I do like scones, they’re such a delightful teatime snack. Not too sweet, light and fluffy, the perfect accompaniment to some tasty or interesting jam

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Marmite Bagels

I love making bagels; ok it’s a slightly convoluted process but they make me feel like a real, proper baker! When I saw a picture

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Ginger Muffins

It’s essential to have a few muffin recipes in your repertoire, not only to let you whip up a quick snack in minutes, but also as

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Cinnamon Swirl Brioche

  Mmmm, is there any more comforting and wonderful smell that cinnamon scented baked items cooking in the oven? It’s such a sweet, warm and

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Chocolate Swirl Buns

  Imagine: soft golden, sweet dough, swirled with rich unctuous chocolate, sprinkled with crunchy sugar and drizzled with a sticky icing. Sounds good doesn’t it?

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