Nice one Tesco!

I really didn’t think I’d start my blog with a review. It is, after all the cooking that I like the most. But…. there I was in Tesco’s this morning after dropping off the children at school (along with a bunch of other mums!) and I came across a whole new area of chilled free from foods. Maybe it isn’t a new section but I’d never noticed it before and could have literally jumped for joy. There are various flavours of soya puddings and a variety of different dairy-free milks. I nearly went crazy with excitement and bought the whole range, but held back to just two varieties. Smooth mango soya yoghurt (there is an aversion to ‘bits’ in this household from the younger members) and creme caramel. They haven’t been tried yet as the kids are still at school, but I promise to report back….

4 thoughts on “Nice one Tesco!

  1. So far only the creme caramel has been tasted. I’d say that it tasted as a creme caramel should and looked just right…. but then again its never been a pudding of choice for me. The girls initially liked it (mainly due to joy at having something new and shop bought to try!) but in the end said they’d rather not have it again! Not surprising as they both stirred it up to a rather unattractive beige lumpy gloop! I’m certainly more hopeful for the yogurts – they look exactly like ‘Soyasun’ found in France and it does say ‘made in France for Tesco’. I really hope they are rebranded Soyasun as I’ve tried to source them in the UK before as we all found them delicious, and Alpro Soya gets a bit boring after a while.

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