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Dairy, egg, sesame and nut free products

One of the real challenges of catering for allergies is finding suitable ready made products in the supermarket without spending hours walking up and down aisles, reading virtually every label. Here I’ll make a list of all the suitable products I have found (and where to buy them) and also brands/types to avoid. This will be a constantly evolving list – please be patient!


Bread is rather difficult if you are sesame allergic – it will never be possible to buy from in-store bakeries as the risk of cross-contamination will be too risky. It also rules out most bagels, pittas and burger buns.

Milk is likely to be present in many soft rolls, and egg is often used as a glaze. These are some of the safe brands…


It seems that the cheaper the brand of biscuit, the more likely it’ll be dairy-free. I guess the butter/milk add considerably to the cost of production.

Crackers that are free from dairy, egg and sesame are particularly difficult to locate.


Bread Sticks
  • Tesco own brand are the only ones free from traces of sesame that i have found

Popping Corn

  • Marks and Spencer stocks the only type I’ve found that doesn’t contain traces of sesame or nuts
Breakfast Cereals
The main problem with cereals is the risk of ‘traces of nuts’, but milk can also be present so do be sure to read the ingredient list. I’ve found that Kellogg’s is better than Nestle – in my experience you might as well not even bother checking Nestle cereals and just stear clear! The following are all ‘safe’….



  • Granovita – Soya whipping cream (Available from Tesco)
  • Soyatoo – squirty rice/soya cream (available from Vegan Store)
  • Alpro soya (widely available)


Be careful as most margarine contains milk!

‘Ice creams’/frozen desserts 

Non-vegetarian convenience/frozen foods


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