Lucy's Friendly Foods

From the aisles of the supermarket you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s nearly Easter – and to most little people Easter equals chocolate, possibly Christianity, fluffy bunnies, chicks and more chocolate. But if you are allergic to milk, chocolate is a bit of a nightmare. You’d possibly think that any quality dark chocolate would be fine, but in my experience it normally contains milk solids and so is immediately out of bounds. So the yearly hunt for suitable chocolate easter eggs has begun. Today I found a Kinnerton dark chocolate egg in Tesco (it’s guaranteed nut free too which is a big bonus) for £5.

To be honest, it’s not particularly appealing looking for a child is it? It certainly doesn’t compete with the cute character themed ones most children get to enjoy…. but it’s a start!

Today’s foray to a Holland and Barratt uncovered a couple more dairy free chocolate egg options by Choices. there were three varieties, dark, milk and white. All of them are dairy, egg and gluten free. My children will probably prefer the dark (because they’ve never known milk chocolate like other kids, they don’t tend to like the creamy taste!), but I bought one milk and one white for one of their Grandmothers to give them at Easter. These are a little more child-friendly, but it still isn’t Hello Kitty is it!

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