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I’m kinda hoping that this section gives us an excuse to eat out more and be more adventurous when we do dine away from home. Brief reviews will follow…

I’m sure eating out has its difficulties for all families, but for the family with allergies it can be a stressful nightmare. There are certainly not many of those ‘oh we just happen to be out, let’s grab some lunch’ occasions. Any meal out has to be pre-vetted via the internet or simplest, most allergy friendly fare must be available. Even so, we spend the whole meal time vigilantly checking for possible signs of hives, wheezyness and other symptoms, hardly taking a moment off to eat our food, let alone relax!

Some chains have always been excellent with providing for our needs, notably Nando’s (and surely everyone loves Nando’s), Giraffe and Pizza Express. But you don’t always want to eat in a chain restaurant

Ironically, while hardly gourmet, most pubs seem to be able to offer something – ham, chips and peas are normally available and usually safe (although always check for possible coatings on chips, butter on the peas and allergens present on the ham!) – although this is hardly exciting or particularly nutritional. Throw a pesky veggie (me) into the mix and pubs really aren’t the best place to eat unless you fancy yet another frozen veggie lasagne or goats cheese and red onion tart!

Vegetarian/Vegan cafes would certainly appeal to me but fail as a family destination due to the presence of nuts and seeds. Besides, its very important to be aware that vegan isn’t necessarily suitable for a completely dairy-free diet – it seems that ‘may contain traces of milk’ are acceptable in a vegan diet but certainly not for the dairy allergic (in my experience).

Anyway, we’re off on holiday to Cornwall for a few days. The weather looks like it’ll be shockingly bad, but we’re looking forward to some family fun. Hopefully we’ll  eat out at least once – I am hoping for a Rick Stein establishment in Padstow – I’ll report back with a review.

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  1. I am constantly let down by dining experiences in the UK. For the price, few struggle to meet even the basic criteria for a good meal. Nice food!
    In London, its better, but generally I’d rather stay in with a stew! Or go to Rick Steins! I like Rick, he’s laid back. Thanks for the brill blogX (

    1. I completely agree, especially as a veggie! Rick Stein’s pub was good but not so great for a veggie – it’s a vegetarian’s life in the UK!!

      Your blog is great…. I look forward to following 🙂

  2. I love your blog!! I am an allergy Mum (son allergic to cows milk, eggs and nuts) and a veggie’s wife (hubby wont eat meat, fake meat nor fish!)!
    We hardly ever get to eat out as a family because we are, collectively, so hard to please. However, after reading your Pizza Express post I am dying to try them!! Are you on Facebook? I’d love to follow you on there! Thanks again.

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