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Essential Party Pack (for my young daughters who have allergies)

If your primary school aged children don’t have allergies you can wrap a hastily bought present, get them to scribble a card and you’re good to go to a party! Not so the family with young children with allergies. An allergy kit has to be packed, with written instructions/phone numbers etc. plus detailed information given to the party host (gosh, they must find me annoying!) on how to administer and in what situation.

Then a ‘safe’ packed party tea must be made. I tend to stick to what I presume they’ll be eating: sandwiches, crisps and a cupcake. Although, sometimes the poor girls have to eat a picnic when their friends are tucking into burger and chips or homemade lasagne!

Here’s a usual party pack for us… any allergy friendly party tips gladly received … how do you cope with dietary constraints in a party setting?

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