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Sainsbury’s, this time you did impress (ice lollies part II)

As I’ve mentioned before, Sainsbury’s is normally a complete nightmare to shop in if you are dairy, egg and nut-free, with a complete lack of (or even non existence of) choice in a lot of areas, notably breads, biscuits, crackers, sweet and savoury snacks.

I have to admit there are a couple of things they do well – most notably the Free From Mint Crisps which are delightful but also incredibly expensive (hence the need for homemade Mint Thins!), but all in all it’s a rather depressing experience to shop there.

However, today to continue my ice lolly research I visited my local large Sainbury’s and I was totally overjoyed about the range of ice lollies available that were dairy and nut free. Sadly out freezer is rather iced up and crammed full so I didn’t buy any, but there was a choice! These were all suitable:

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  1. would rather they stock dairy free ice cream, swedish glace has disappeared from my store (prior to the heatwave lol) I have dairy & fruit allergies so ice lollies are not always suitable for me

    1. oh no, disaster. Swedish glace is an important staple! Ice lollies just seem particularly important when you’re a child… all around us people are eating ice creams/ice lollies and often my girls can have nothing 🙁

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