Lucy's Friendly Foods

The girls are on their summer holidays from school, so activities and distractions need to be found. I’ve been thinking of ways to expand my blog and thought that cooking classes may be a good idea, so my girls are my guinea pigs to see if it’ll work as a plan. The other day provided the perfect free afternoon.

Over a couple of hours they made their whole supper (bar the sweetcorn chowder) and had a fabulous time getting messy. I even caught Big S willingly munching on salad leaves, much to my surprise and delight.

We started by making a pudding of chocolate crispy cakes, the easiest recipe I could think of. But since it’s a very chocolatey, tactile recipe they thoroughly enjoyed mixing it all together and tasting rather a lot!

Next we made savoury scones to serve with soup – I hadn’t quite anticipated how messy the sticky dough would be, but then that added to the fun. Big S opted for a combination of marmite, oregano, thyme and soya cheese. Little S decided on a plainer version with just soya cheese. They turned out remarkably light and delicious considering the heavy handed treatment they were subject to!

Finally, they made a fresh salad with a tasty vinaigrette… which proved to be the perfect way to encourage vegetable eating




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