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Pom-Bear Original Crisps now milk-free

Pom-bear crisps seem to be a favourite with children (or maybe just the adults that buy them for the children!) but have always been out of bounds to us as even the original, salted flavour contained milk.

It seems that they’ve changed the recipe (but I’d still check the ingredients on every pack, just to be sure) and the original, salted flavour is now milk-free. Nice one Pom-bears! They may not be the healthiest food but one that often appears at children’s parties and places that welcome children – at least we now have one more option (in our very limited selection) of a snack which we can grab and go…



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  1. That is good news. Zac used to love them. In my opinion milk has no place in or on a crisp – I guess the manufacturers now agree. Might give them a go again. He will be pleased. But as you say, we will still need to check every single pack – because you just never know. Thanks for the tip. I had long since stopped even looking at them!

    1. Do you mean soya lecithins contain milk protein and whey or a pack of Pom-bear contains milk? As far as I’m aware (and after research) soya lecithin is derived from soya bean oil and therefore contains soya, it does not contain milk protein…

      Pom-bear used to contain milk…. Maybe you found an older pack for sale?

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