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Big S is off on a Big Adventure with school. She and the rest of Year 5 are away on a bushcraft field trip, camping in the (fairly pristine) wilds of Oxfordshire in the middle of a forest, and even sleeping under a shelter they will have constructed themselves. Big stuff! I’m sure she’s having a brilliant time, as long as the bugs have kept well away. Big S is no fan of little (or big!) creepy crawly things.

As any parent will confirm, you have concerns when your children disappear off on away trips with school, and I know most parents worry that their children won’t eat or drink enough, so I don’t want to belittle anyone else’s worries, but, I am maybe slightly more concerned than most about the food side of things. As with any child with food allergies the issue is compounded – not only may they not like the food, but they also may not be able to eat much of it, or if they eat the wrong thing they’ll get ill. The teachers have been good, but I can’t say particularly informative on what they’ll be having and what big S will be able to eat. So we’ve packed a cool bag with oat milk, hot chocolate powder, dairy-free spread, yogurts, biscuits and chocolate bars – let’s hope it doesn’t return virtually unopened like last time she went on a trip! An insight into the mind of a perfectly normal child – obviously the most important thing for her was to be able to have hot chocolate and marshmallows round the campfire at night, hence the hot choc powder and oat milk.

I have to remind myself that even, if she doesn’t eat much, as long as she doesn’t eat the wrong thing she’ll survive and just be rather hungry on return.

So it’s likely she’ll return home ravenous and has already requested her perfect homecoming supper. She had initially wanted a cheesecake for pudding, but then changed her mind to a strawberry mousse and it’s the perfect time of year for any summer berry recipes! So here is my strawberry mousse recipe – worth making for the sweet jammy aroma that will spread around your house as you are making it.



Roll on Friday pm and Big S comes home – we can’t wait 🙂





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    1. Thanks so much liv. She’s home safe and sound! She had a great time although she did say there were some good and bad bits. Mainly she’s very happy to be home 🙂

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