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Sainsbury’s – you leave a lot to be desired!

So, today’s exciting monday morning task was the weekly shop. My choice was Sainsbury’s (I like a bit of variety) and as I was intending to write about the availability of ‘special’ products I read a LOT of labels.

I have to say that Sainsbury’s is far inferior to other supermarkets in the availability of suitable products. Breads are almost completely out of bounds to the dairy/nut/egg/sesame free household, other than well known ‘safe’ brands. Biscuits/crisps/convenience foods are the same. In fact, there aren’t many Sainsbury’s branded products that are suitable, except for the ‘Free from mint chocolates which are an absolute delight (do buy them, other mint chocs are unsuitable) and give us a family friendly after-dinner treat.

Why can’t Sainsbury’s follow Tesco’s lead – label better and provide a few more products?

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