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Galette des Rois (King Cake for 12th Night)

La Galette des Rois is a firm tradition in France. Traditionally served on 12th night/Epiphany, this almond cream filled patisserie contains a ‘fève’ or charm and comes with a golden crown. Whoever is lucky enough to find the charm in their slice gets to be king/queen for the day, and has the honour of wearing the crown.

My version was made with ready-made puff pastry (lack of time I’m afraid!), filled with my awesome (sorry, but it really is very good) egg-free frangipane and a thin layer of apricot jam.


I’ll let you know who is the lucky one to reign in this house for the day 😉


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    1. I’d say it is a patisserie that would normally be eaten as a dessert. Luckily Big S won the charm and became Queen for the day! Happy New Year x

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