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dairy-free strawberry tart

We were off to a friend’s house for a lovely lazy BBQ Sunday and having reminded them of our considerable dietary requirements, I felt that I really needed to make an effort to bring something nice to make up for all the extra effort they were going to. I sometimes forget, because we’re so used to all our varying dietary requirements, that it’s a bit of a minefield for others – if you’re not used to checking ingredients and thinking about traces its all a bit mind boggling! Anyway, our friends were delightful and happy to cater for us all, even me, the difficult vegetarian! I made a firm favourite, Devils food cake for pudding as everyone loves it, but then felt that maybe it wasn’t fresh and summery enough for a sunny BBQ! In fact I spent the whole night thinking it was the wrong choice and maybe I should make something else – I just didn’t know what, and certainly didn’t want to go shopping early on a Sunday morning!

So it was a case of get up, rummage in the fridge and larder and then get my thinking hat on! I had some frozen puff pastry and apples but apple tart wasn’t quite seasonal enough! Then I spied my bowl of slightly overripe strawberries – perfect; a fine strawberry tart was going to be ideal.

In fact I’d recommend this kind of tart for any impromptu get together – so simple to make but also pretty enough to impress! It would work with most fruit and is simply fruit, thinly sliced and layered over puff pastry, sprinkled with a fine layer of sugar and then baked. Once out of the ven, a coating of nappage (warmed, thinned jam) gives the perfect glossy finish. I chose some gorgeous rose petal jam form Confiserie Florian in Provence but apricot or strawberry would also work well.

Strawberry and Rose Tart

vegan strawberry and rose puff pastry tart

(dairy-free, egg-free,nut-free, soya-free, sesame-free, vegetarian and vegan)

Serves 6

1/2 sheet puff pastry [ensure it doesn’t contain butter!]

100g strawberries, finely sliced

1-2 tsps caster sugar

2 tbsp rose jam

  1. Roll out the pastry to a large square or rectangle. Lightly score around the edge to give a ‘frame of pastry’ which will rise up.
  2. Layer on the sliced strawberries and sprinkle with caster sugar
  3. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 190 degrees centigrade/gas mark 5 until the pastry is golden around the edges.
  4. Cool and then brush over warmed, thinned [add a few drops of water] jam.

pretty rose tart, freefrom

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  1. That’s GORGEOUS! Nappage is a great word. I never knew that one — either from studying French or gleefully glazing things with watered-down jam in my past. (I love that slick finish — I do a flourless Hungarian torte that finishes with a nappage over the chocolate frosting and it’s my favorite finish ever — so delish-looking!) Speaking of chocolate, I’ll have a slice of that Devil’s food WITH my tart please! Strawberries and chocolate cake…Mmm!

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