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almost french patisserie

Egg-free choux buns

It’s been a very, very long journey for me to find any recipe that even approximates choux. Countless failed attempts, so much disappointment. I’ve tried egg-replacers

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Plum tart

This is such a simple, stunningly pretty tart you’ll wonder why you ever thought a tart needed anything more than fruit and pastry. And it was

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Peach Melba galette

  The combination of peaches and raspberries is one made in heaven. Who could resist this time honoured pairing of nectar sweet peaches and acidic

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Nonettes. No, me neither. If you, like I, have never heard of them, they’re delicate little honey flavoured  cakes with a marmalade filling from the

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Cinnamon Palmiers

Palmiers (otherwise known as palm trees or pigs ears) are a classic petits fours, perfect served with a cup of coffee. You can hardly call

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