Lucy's Friendly Foods


Tangy Red Cabbage Slaw

Whenever I buy a beautiful red cabbage I always end up with a good portion hanging around in the fridge looking forlorn and unwanted. And

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Chipotle slaw

  I’ve been noticing a trend towards flavoured coleslaws in the shops – anything from coronation ‘slaw, jalapeño ‘slaw, barbecue ‘slaw. I’m not sure wacky variations

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Rainbow ‘Slaw

I’m rather keen on colourful food – there’s nothing less appealing than a plate of brown! In my eyes even a little green garnish can

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Winter ‘Slaw

Winter is the perfect time to ring the changes with coleslaw. All those cabbages are at their best and the wintery feel gives the perfect

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Seedy ‘Slaw

No surprises really, just a lightly dressed coleslaw garnished with a good handful of toasted sunflower seeds and a sprinkle of poppy seeds. It takes

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Radish Slaw

I bought the most lovely bunch of radishes the other day …and as they don’t keep very well I had to think up a way

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