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So it’s Easter Weekend…

Easter is a bit different for us, in a household where the children are dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free. All my children’s friends are overdosing on milk chocolate eggs, and decorating the shells of ‘blown’ eggs (a definite no-no, can you imagine the egg-allergic child trying to get the insides out of an egg and then painting it – it would be an absolute recipe for disaster!). Any organised egg hunt involves milk chocolate mini-eggs tossed around at random, or perhaps a trade for a creme egg/kinder egg at the end of the hunt. Not very suitable for us. It really is a time of year to look different if you don’t eat dairy!

In the past I’ve given Whizzers mini-eggs (a great alternative) and perhaps a little cuddly rabbit/chick/lamb. Problem is, those Whizzers mini-eggs have sold out this year and we’re kinda over-run with cuddly toys so one more seems a step too far! Also, I’ve had to pass over the dairy-free Easter eggs I previously bought to both Grandmothers….

So, this year our girls will get a Sweet William Chocolate Bunny each, a lemon flavoured sugar chick from the Vegan Store (so cute) and a Moshi Monsters surprise Easter egg.

Next year, I think I’ll make the chocolate eggs, then maybe I can make something slightly similar to a Kinder egg…..

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