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Today is going to be rather scary, in fact I can’t quite believe that we’re going to willingly do this. Whilst little S has a long list of allergies, she has only ever had one reaction due to a controlled ‘egg challenge’ – we know about the whole range due to early allergy testing. As she had a sister with a known egg allergy we were invited to take part in a clinical study about egg and peanut allergies.

So, at six months, before eating any solid food she was tested for the full range of allergens – where she tested positive to dairy, eggs, peanuts, sesame and some other tree nuts including cashews and brazil nuts. My worst case scenario had been milk and egg allergies like Big S, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of others.

It was a shock but we are so grateful to the doctors for the early warning, meaning she has been safe ever since. They have also given us amazing advice and support over the years. Hence our willingness to go today for a follow-up allergy study, in this one they feed peanut flour products in a medical setting to children with a known peanut allergy to assess the accuracy of skin-prick tests and also gauge the extent of their allergy. We wanted to continue being part of the study, but I’m scared – what if she has anaphylaxis? Maybe we shouldn’t be feeding her something that could make her ill…. I’ll be really glad when today is over….

In the hope that she’ll be happy, well and hungry on the train on the way home I made some ‘spotty dotty cookies’ – trying to recreate those appealing looking Byron Bay ones you see in cafes.

Spotty Dotty Cookies

makes 10-12 large cookies

  • 1 cup dairy-free spread
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla essence
  • 1 tbsp golden syrup
  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 2 tbsps oat milk
  • 1 pack of dairy-free chocolate beans, such as Whizzers

– Preheat the oven toย 180 Degrees Centigrade/Gas Mark 4

– Line a baking sheet with parchment

– Cream together the spread, sugar, golden syrup and vanilla. Sift in the flour and add the oat milk.

– Stir to combine to a soft but not sticky dough (add more flour if necessary)

– Roll out and use your favourite cookie cutters to cut out large shapes.

– Transfer to the lined baking sheets and press the dairy-free chocolate beans into the top of the shapes.

– Bake forย 12-15 minutes, until lightly golden around the edges.

– Cool on a wire rack

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    1. Thanks, luckily it was postponed – what a relief!
      I put the Olympics mug in as we’re getting rather excited (or should I say, I am!)

      1. Phew!

        Haha, I am getting excited too! Loved the atmosphere during the Sydney Olympics back in 2000 so can’t wait to experience it all again!

  1. I’m not familiar with Byron Bay (perhaps a UK thing?) but your cookies sure are cute ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope the her tests went ok.

  2. Poor baby. Glad I read in the other post that the test was postponed. We only have dairy allergies in this house. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have so many tricky ones to navigate. I can’t remember if you said whether or not she has a macadamia nut allergy. I wanna test it in the cheez for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I was so relieved that it didn’t go ahead! I’m not sure about macademias… We can definitely have pistachios, almonds, pine nuts at the moment…. Would any of them work? X

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