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It’s the weekend (and a rather dull, wet one too) so what better lunch could you wish for than an English style veggie brunch.

This is my vegan-friendly version – no sausage, bacon, black pudding or eggs here – just a delicious combo of sweetcorn fritters, the most tangy mushrooms ever (recipe to follow), mini roasties with rosemary and thyme, balsamic roasted tomatoes and of course, some Heinz baked beans. Oh and some fresh pea shoots for Big S – she’s developed a big taste for them recently, along with vinegar on virtually everything!

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  1. I recently found vegetarian baked beans on the shelf here in the states. My husband loves Baked beans and eggs on toast, but it’s been 6 months since we cut out all animal products. Those sweet corn fritters, roasted potatoes and mushrooms will show him he’s not missing anything!

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