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Birthday Cakes (always a challenge with no butter and no eggs)

I’ve just downloaded masses of photos from my phone and come across a few birthday cake photos. If you have a child with a dairy/egg/nut allergy then a shop bought birthday cake is simply not an option. All their friends seem to have a pretty little Princess palace from Waitrose or a cake they’ve been admiring in the supermarket aisle. The cake seems like a big deal, so I’ve always tried my best to make an ‘oooh worthy’ cake!

Here’s a little gallery of a few dairy/egg/nut-free birthday cakes I’ve made – it might give you some ideas (and I’m pretty proud of them!!) 🙂

Fluffy Chick Cake for a 4 yr old

Cake for a budding ballerina

Tinkerbell Cake for the fairy-fanatic!

More fairies for a 5th Birthday.

Winter wonderland.

Birthday Cupcake for a family celebration

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  1. I love the fairy cakes… I need to get off my lazy butt and learn how to create with fondant, it makes such pretty cakes.

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