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P… P… P… Pick Up a Dairy-free Penguin Bar

In writing this blog I wanted to challenge myself to be able to create any foodstuff (within reason!) that I like (or liked as a child), or my girls would like to try, and make it dairy/egg/nut-free. They may not be the most exciting biscuit bar in the world, but I remember eating a lot of Penguin Bars (TimTams to any Aussies out there) whilst growing up – for some bizarre reason I thought the ones with blue wrappers tasted far superior to the ones with red wrappers, when actually they are all clearly the same.

These are basically a rectangular Choceo (posted yesterday) covered in dairy-free chocolate. Nothing too difficult there, but I reckon they don’t look too bad!

You’ll notice that Little S’s penguin toy Pengi was desperate to get into the pictures!!!

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